Vinco is your strategic partner in innovation and business development.

Individuals make groups and groups make organizations. These three levels face different obstacles when it comes to creativity and innovation. Successful innovation implementation in an organization means being aware of these three levels and embracing them through creating solutions tailormade and adapted to each of them.

Vinco - Your partner in innovation

What we do

Through the use of exceptional unique expertise in innovation we provide you with lasting and tailor-made innovation processes and increased innovation ability.

We come with innovation and business development knowledge to help you create and build new ideas and opportunities, so that you can expand your income streams.

Why us

We provide our clients with service that has grounds in the four elements: diversity, professionalism, competences and client’s success.

We have many years of experiences and knowledge within innovation. We enthusiastically want to share our expertise in order to make your company more innovative.

Who we are

Our professionals have real experiences in managing innovation projects and hold higher education in innovation.

This unique background gives them a valuable insights and utmost capabilities to understand our clients’ innovation challenges and how to create results and growth.

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TEDx talk

Making innovation work can feel sometimes like you find yourself locked-in in a room and you do not know how to get out. Panic can kick in fast as you do not have much time (exponential technological advancements are chasing you), and being severely under pressure, it is even harder to find solutions. Successful implementation of Innovation in an organization embraces three levels and all three levels have different challenges…

Have a look at the TEDx Bergen talk hold by our CEO Barbara Salopek on “How to open closed doors? Organizations and Innovation

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Our Team

Barbara Salopek


Trond Walker


Want us to share our knowledge?

We also deliver up to date relevant lectures and workshops about innovation.
Are you interested in hiring a guest speaker for your event, conference, or corporate event?
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