About Us

We are a Norway-based company specialized in providing innovation services. In December 2021 Vinco celebrated 5 years anniversary.  

We are innovation professionals devoted to help companies achieve their ambitions for growth through innovative solutions. Our team of diverse and experienced professionals is committed to providing services of exceptional quality across development of innovation strategy, implementation of innovation culture and processes, commercialization of technology, and funding guidance.

Vinco - About us

Why us?

We are an agile team of diverse individuals with real and valuable experience in innovation spanning from creating to being a part of the whole innovation ecosystem.

We have experience with commercialization of innovation, bringing new technologies to the market, funding strategy and transforming culture in organizations among others. Our members have cultivated their knowledge from working in some of the largest organizations as well as being closely involved with small startups, steering them towards success.

Not only do we use the most relevant theory and best practices to help you succeed, we put our hearts into helping you realize your company’s long-term vision.


Through the use of exceptional unique expertise in innovation we provide you with lasting and tailor-made innovation processes and increased innovation ability.

We come with innovation and business development knowledge to help you create and build new ideas and opportunities, so that you can expand your income streams.


We provide our clients with service that has grounds in the four elements: diversity, professionalism, competences and client’s success.

We have many years of experiences and knowledge within innovation. We enthusiastically want to share our expertise in order to make your company more innovative.


Our professionals have real experiences in managing innovation projects and hold higher education in innovation. This unique background gives them a valuable insights and utmost capabilities to understand our clients’ innovation challenges and how to create results and growth.
Vinco - Values - Customer Driven

we bring added value for the customer, which is our ultimate goal

Vinco - Values - Diversity

we go for a diverse team that helps bring in diverse perspective

Honesty with Respect:

we give our honest opinion but are sensitive in giving respect to the listener

Vinco - Values - Pro and Friendly
Professional & Friendly:

we take our responsibilities seriously, in a friendly manner

Want us to share our knowledge?

When creating innovation strategy with a client, we look both inside and outside to a client’s organization in order to tailor the most suitable innovation strategy.


We provide a vast range of consulting services. Our process is crucial for our success and it can be summed up in 6 most important phases.

Vinco - Process 1

Non-binding initial meetup

Vinco - Process 2

Explore client’s business by mapping out current situation

Vinco - Process 3

Defining desirable state

Vinco - Process 4

Bridging the gap by advising on possible innovation strategy(ies)

Vinco - Process 5

Implementation phase

Vinco - Process 6

Post-implementation measurement & analysis

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