Using Cookies on Vinco

Every time you visit our website, cookies (small pieces of data) are stored on your computer for your convenience. Among other things, cookies allow for the optimal performance of the website and enable us to improve it in order to enhance your browsing experience. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies, i.e., you confirm that you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer. It is possible to disable cookies, and you will still be able to browse the website, but you will not be able to access some of its features. 

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information saved on your computer, tablet or mobile device directly by the website you are visiting (a first-party cookie) or by a third party (a third-party cookie) in cooperation with and for the needs of the website you are visiting. Cookies usually store your settings for websites, such as preferred language, etc. Later, when you open the same website, the web browser will send back the cookies belonging to this website. This enables the website to display the pieces of information which are tailored to your needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal information. This type of information can be stored only if you enable it – websites cannot access the information you did not provide and cannot access other files on your computer.

Using cookies on uses cookies to improve its users’ browsing experience. While using our website, you can also get a third-party cookie. uses cookies to track the statistics of visits to the website to obtain the necessary information on its successfulness through a third-party service called Google Analytics.

What kind of cookies does this website use and why?

Session cookies expire and are automatically removed when you close the web browser. We use session cookies to allow access to the content. Persistent cookies do not usually expire for a very long time. They will remain in your browser until expiry or deletion.

Are there third-party cookies on the website?

There are several external services storing limited cookies. These cookies are not set up by the website, but some of them are necessary for the normal functioning of certain features which enable users easier access to the content. We currently enable:
– Social networks
– Sharing articles on social networks
– Tracking visits (via Google Analytics service)

How to disable cookies?

If you want, you can disable storing cookies on your computer, but blocking all cookies may have a negative effect on the use of websites. Cookie settings can be controlled by configuring your web browser. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer, it is necessary to update your web browser settings (you can find the information on how to delete and disable cookies by selecting the Help menu on your browser).

Further information about turning off cookies

Currently there are a few websites for turning off storing cookies for different services. For more information, click on the following links: