Innovation Strategy:
Key to development

Innovation is strongly linked to growth.
New ideas create new business.

Innovation is key to a company’s long-lasting and sustainable development. It is central in building and deploying accelerated change in today’s global business environment.

While everyone agrees that innovation is crucial only 6% say that they are satisfied with the innovation results according to McKinsey.

Leading innovators experience growth, financial rewards and increased competitiveness. Permanent innovators offset crisis effects and continue to grow and innovate even more. (For more information on innovation in crisis see here ) However, it is not easy to innovate. Innovation is complex, risky and requires encouragement from all organizational levels. It requires that an organization dedicates its culture, practices and processes to it.

Vinco - Innovation Strategy
Vinco - What is Innovation Strategy

What is Innovation Strategy?

Innovation Strategy is a company’s commitment to constantly endeavor creating new solutions throughout the whole company in order to secure long-lasting growth.

Therefore, Innovation Strategy is closely interlinked with corporate strategy. Innovators are risk takers; they take an idea into deployment not knowing whether they will succeed. Having capacity to innovate on continues basis, learning from previous attempts, build on that knowledge, and constantly improve means having a good innovation strategy well carried out and aligned with corporate strategy.

Our approach to
inonovation strategy creation

When creating innovation strategy with a client, we look both inside and outside to a client’s organization in order to tailor the most suitable innovation strategy.
We will see what fits you best by discussing and answering these five steps:

What is your
Where do
you plan
to play?
How do
you aim
to win?
What capabilities
do you need
in place?
What management
systems & innovation
process are required?
Want us to share our knowledge?

We also deliver up to date relevant lectures and workshops about innovation.
Are you interested in hiring a guest speaker for your event, conference, or corporate event?
Or do you want to be inspired and learn about innovation through a workshop?

Question we ask

When creating your innovation strategy, we start with mapping the as is status and then we challenge you on what is your desired state. We focus on your innovation ambition. What is that you want in the long run, what you wish to focus on?

There are three levels of innovation ambition a company can focus at: improving the core, expanding from existing business to new to the company business or on transformational breakthroughs that do not exist on the market yet.

The levels of innovation ambitions are set regarding to which customers are you targeting are these existing customers or customers from the same industry i.e. from competitors or customers outside of your industry scope. The other parameter is with which product and services do you aim to reach them, with improved products or services, or products that are totally new to your industry?

Vinco - Question we ask

Overall, through workshops and diverse sessions, we help you define an organization where innovation plays a central role.

Vinco - Company transformation

Transformation of the company in the process

Corporate culture influences every stage of the idea management. It is therefore important to establish a culture which invites for creation and innovation. It is corporate culture that is at the core of the successful innovation process, the culture influences how ideas are reported, how they are seen and evaluated and also it influences the prioritization and deployment.  For example, our risk averseness will influence which ideas we choose to pursue. If we are more risk averse, we will aim to pursue more safe ideas, like product improvements.

Transparent and specific tailored processes create trust among employees. This encourages to report ideas and then also creates trust in evaluation and prioritization decisions. 

This transformation is comprehensive and the whole company has to understand its importance and how to act. In out methodology we focus on three organizational levels: individuals, groups and organizational level. We hold that creating truly innovation environment is only possible by embracing these three levels, because individuals make groups and groups make organizations. For more information about this feel free to look at here or for the TEDx talk from our CEO, Barbara Salopek.

Who we are
and what we do?

Our experts have successful experience with innovation, and we work closely and dedicated with you to tailor the best strategy for your innovation and to build environment that encourages innovation.

Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation capabilities, your potential challenges and how to approach them.

We help you to bring ideas to market. Whether you are a large organization, a research or educational institution or a SMB or even a start-up.

Roles we have in a project:

  • project leader
  • consultants
Vinco - Who we are

Skills needed and we provide for this type of projects: innovation, project leadership, technology transfer. We have also a good network of external professionals that we can easily add to the team in order to secure the best experts for you.

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