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Towards sustainability for your business

Package 1 – “Recognize your Business Model”

It is today impossible to deny that companies have played and still play a major role in creating sustainability problems. That does not prevent it from being difficult to understand our own impacts on the environment and society, and in the other way around, the impact of sustainability issues on our own activities.

This first package “Recognize” aims to create a first building block for companies to understand the sustainability problem, its different dimensions, threats and opportunities related to it and brainstorm on first courses of action.

Towards sustainability – Recognize your BM no
Towards sustainability – Recognize your BM no

Understand the sustainability problem

Did you know sustainability issues can be broken down into two branches – the social and environmental dimensions? How do we measure these issues? To which category do the problems you address belong? Do you have any responsibility in the sustainability problem? Is there any opportunity for you there? We will figure it out together!

How does it impact your activities?

Environmental and social sustainability are a problem that companies should try to solve not only because it is an urgent problem for society, but because this is a problem that concerns them directly. An unsustainable society makes it harder and harder to run a business! So what kind of impact does it have on your company?

On the other side of the story, we know that company are aslo part of the problem! So what are the positive and negative side-effects of your company’s activities? And who are you impacting?

Towards sustainability – Recognize your BM no
Towards sustainability – Recognize your BM no

How to prioritize your sustainability efforts?

As sustainability efforts can be very costly, it is critical that companies prioritize their efforts on relevant sustainability issues and allocate resources to the ones that are valued by stakeholders. We will show you which how ! 

Which sustainability action can you undertake voluntarily?

You can discover this in our complementary service: Sustainability reporting.

While all kind of investors are already now demanding ESG reporting and call for more transparency from companies, regulations on sustainability reporting will also become mandatory for SMEs in the coming years. It means that SMEs which take care of it now can get a first-mover advantage. More info about this service here.

Towards sustainability – Recognize your BM no

Need help to innovate successfully?

We work with you to help you build environment that encourages innovation.

Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation  challenges and how to approach them.

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