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Commercialization of technology, product or service

How to commercialize your idea? Technology transfer
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Do you have a  product or service that you want to successfully launch?

We help you to bring your ideas to market. Whether you are a large organization, a research or educational institution or a SMB or even a start-up we are passionate to help you deliver your technology, product or service to market.

Organizations and institutions seek to deliver their ideas and technologies to market in order to solve contemporary challenges in our society. This is innovation. These solutions can be breakthrough/disruptive or incremental. Both types of innovation are important for the growth. While breakthrough innovation brings us new solutions that we did not think of before, incremental innovations are also important as they bring efficiency, cost reduction, and small but important improvements that make our everyday lives better.

How to commercialize your product, service or idea?

Our experts have a solid experience and knowledge in commercialization (bringing new technologies to market) and can confidently help you reach your goals. As a company we also nurture importance of having project leadership skills thus ensuring our clients a high-performing team.

Bringing invention to a market ( i.e. to innovate) can be a challenging process. The process includes clarifying on some of the issues:

  • Some technologies require intellectual property protection while others cannot be protected. We help you tailor the best approach be for your technology in case you decide to protect and in case you cannot protect it.
  • The process also includes creating a strategy on how to approach a market: who to partner up with and how, to partner up, who are your first customers and who are late customers.
  • How to fund these commercialization activities? There is a plethora of funding opportunities from national and international public funding to private funding.
How to commercialize your product, idea, service?

Bringing technology to market – brief overview of the activities

When launching a new technology or service to market (which is also often called commercialization) we purse a process that consists of 4 stages:


Defining the innovation – here we focus on what is the innovation, which need does it solve and who owns the idea. It is always crucial to clearly define overwhip in order to prevent future misunderstandings.?


Defining the strategy and the business model – the focus here is to define the business model, is it possible to license it out and if now what alternatives are possible: a start-up or is it just additional product/service in your portfolio, is it possible to team up with a partner and who is the best partner to team up


Market – defining the customer segments we are aiming at is the third stage. We work together with you to define which customers segment you are aiming at, when the technology is ready for scale, how does the value chain looks like and what is the business development strategy.


Funding – we look at funding strategy, which funding options are there, are there any grants we could apply and how, to partner up for funding, are there any regulatory and public policies we have to keep in mind. For more information bout funding also see here.

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What we do to help

commercialize your product?

Examples of concrete activities for you as a client:

  • Exploring market opportunities – opportunity studies, positioning
  • Exploring IP strategy
  • Support to business creation- business model, business plan, prospective studies
  • Coaching and business development – sales, elevator pitch, new market scouting, market access
  • Company spin offs – why, where, how, how to succeed (successful separation from the mother company)
  • Looking for collaborative partners- defining goals and desires, where to look, how to look, hubs and clusters…
  • Legal frameworks and public policies – regulatory issues

We cover several industries as for example: aquaculture, oil and gas, IT, FMCG, transportation, green and glue growth.

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What are our

roles and skills?

Roles we can have in the project:

  • project leader for the whole innovation project
  • consultants on one of more specific topics

Skiles needed and we provide for this type of projects: project leadership, technology transfer (RTTP, ASTP), concrete technology related expertise, IP and legal competences, business development and innovation competences.

We have good network of external professionals that we can easily add to the team in order to secure the best experts for your innovation project.

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Skills needed and we provide for this type of projects: innovation, project leadership, technology transfer. We have also a good network of external professionals that we can easily add to the team in order to secure the best experts for you.

Need help to innovate successfully?

We work with you to help you build environment that encourages innovation.

Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation  challenges and how to approach them.

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We help you shape a resilient organization

to drive sustainable growth.

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