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Innovation Culture

Culture is an important determinant for innovation success.
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We embed innovation
to your company’s culture

No matter how great and fine-tuned a company’s innovation process is, a method is however not a guarantee for success in innovation. As always, people and business culture do play an important role. Even with the best innovation process, without supportive organizational culture and context not many innovations will come out. In addition, up to 40 percent of CEOs believe that existing organizational culture is the biggest constraint to innovation.

We work with you to embed innovation as part of your company’s culture. No strategy or business transformation can survive without the right culture. Top leadership is crucial in leading the way by showing that innovation is one of the company’s main priorities and setting an example. Introducing innovative business culture embraces psychologically safe environments where experimentation, questioning, and failures become part of the company’s DNA.

5 elements of
innovation process

Almost a decade ago but equally relevant today, Harvard Business Review discussed five characteristics important for innovation at a level of an entrepreneurial individual. (The innovator’s DNA, Clayton M. Christensen, 2009). We hold these also apply for organizations, and we add diversity to the group. So, five characteristics /ingredients we hold crucial for successful innovation are:

    • Diversity,
    • Questioning,
    • Observation,
    • Experimenting and
    • Networking.
How to ignite innovation capabilities?

3 organizational levels to ignite innovation capabilities

In out methodology we focus on three organizational levels: individuals, groups and organizational level. We hold that creating truly innovation environment is only possible by embracing these three levels, because individuals make groups and groups make organizations.

Making innovation work can feel sometimes like you find yourself locked-in in a room and you do not know how to get out. Panic can kick in fast as you do not have much time (exponential technological advancements are chasing you), and being severely under pressure, it is even harder to find solutions.

In our approach we focus on different aspects specific for each level in order to unlock for creativity and innovation.

Corporate culture influences every stage of the idea management and is hence at the core when it comes to innovation. It influences both idea generation and idea evaluation and development.

For example, how risk averse the organization is, it will influence the choices the organization makes. How much the organization focuses on diversity, it will also reflect on how we look at customer segments.

The transformation is comprehensive and the whole company must well understand how to reach the goal and to put efforts for positive change. Adapting the organizational culture to innovation strategy includes also forgetting some old habits, values and norms, which is never easy, and learning new behaviors.

Aligning the corporate culture with innovation strategy means identifying new culture, focusing on people (individuals and groups) defining rewarding systems and the system for review and optimization. 

Need help to innovate successfully?

We work with you to help you build environment that encourages innovation.

Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation  challenges and how to approach them.

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Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation aspirations, your potential challenges and how to approach them. We make innovation part of your organization on all levels, whether you are a large organization, a research or educational institution, a SMB or even a start-up.

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Transformation of the company in the process

Skills needed and we provide for this type of projects: innovation, project leadership, technology transfer. We have also a good network of external professionals that we can easily add to the team in order to secure the best experts for you. Roles we have in a project a) project leader, b) consultants.

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We help you shape a resilient organization

to drive sustainable growth.

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