PODUZMI - Effectively Active TEACHING and LEARNING on ENTREPRENEURSHIP in economically underdeveloped and rural areas

We want to:

  • Develop and implement innovative learning models about entrepreneurship to raise awareness of the lack of resources and climate change
  • Create interdisciplinary collaborations between public, private and academic partners.
  • Encourage creativity and create sustainable jobs over time by increasing the potential for entrepreneurship in rural areas.
  • Contribute to reducing inequalities between urban and rural areas.


The general goal of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development of rural areas, reduce poverty and the displacement of young people, and encourage social inclusion and innovation in deprived municipalities and towns of Zadar County. The implementation of the project will contribute to the development of the competences of teachers and other educational workers and will develop a new teaching model in entrepreneurship with the aim of developing the knowledge, skills and competences of students in rural and deprived areas.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Local communities in rural areas in Croatia, such as the municipality of Gracac, have greater challenges than urban places in several areas. The area around Lika has had major and devastating consequences as a result of war. In addition to the lack of development of educational programs, there are scarce resources and climate change. Vinco Innovation has been honored to take part in the Poduzmi project together with project partners Nikola Tesla Elementary School, Gračac,   University of Zadar and the project promotor Institution for the development of competencies, innovation and specialization of Zadar County, INOVACIJA.

Together we will work to strengthen sustainable development, reduce poverty and migration from the small districts, encourage creativity and illuminate opportunities and knowledge about entrepreneurship.



Outcomes of the project

  1. Improved/renewed competence and skills of teachers and other staff within pedagogy in the primary school system.
    – Improved/renewed practices and approaches to further develop skills and competence within STEM, ICT, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. – Institutional cooperation for exchange and good practice on competence and skills at all levels of education.
  2. Support bilateral cooperation


Vinco Innovation, as a Norwegian project partner, will, in addition to sharing knowledge and experience of similar projects, present examples of Norwegian practice such as “Joy of Finance” (Økonomiglede), which has been developed by Econa.

This project will developed a curriculum for children regarding personal finance, mathematics and social studies.


The project has a 1.5-year timeframe, from June 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023. 

Project consortium

Project promotors: Institution for the development of competencies, innovation and specialization of Zadar County INOVACIJA


  • Nikola Tesla Elementary School, Gračac,
  • University of Zadar,    
  • Vinco Innovation AS


Link to the project webpage.  

Project funded by

Program: Local development and poverty reduction

Financing: Financial mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Kingdom of Norway

Total value of the project: EUR 198,923.57

Support intensity: 100% (85% donor funds and 15% state budget funds)

More information about the program: here  

More information about the financial mechanism here.  

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