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Commercialization of technology, product or service

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How to commercialize your idea? Technology transfer

What are the common challenges?

Bringing a technology, product, or service to market involves navigating various challenges:


  1. Developing an effective market strategy is often challenging. It involves several important considerations, such as identifying potential partners, defining target customer segments, understanding the value chain, and formulating a robust business development strategy.
  2. Securing sufficient funding is often a critical issue in the commercialization journey. Financing your innovation requires navigating a wide range of funding options, including national and international public funding programs, private investment, grants, and partnerships.
  3. Safeguarding your intellectual property is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage. However, determining the most suitable approach for protecting your technology can be complex. Some technologies can be patented or protected through copyrights or trademarks, while others may require alternative strategies due to their nature or market dynamics.

How does our service benefit your business?

We are here to help you bring your ideas to market. Whether you are a large organization, a research or educational institution, an SMB, or even a start-up, we are passionate about assisting you in delivering your technology, product, or service to the market.

Launching your technology, product, or service with the assistance of our services offers several distinct benefits:


  1. Optimized revenue generation: Our service focuses on maximizing revenue generation potential. Through market opportunity exploration and business model development, we help you monetize your innovation effectively and capitalize on market demand. This results in increased sales, revenue growth, and enhanced profitability.
  2. Mitigated risks: By working closely with our experts, you can mitigate risks associated with commercialization. We assist you in conducting comprehensive market research, analyzing competitor landscapes, and identifying potential roadblocks early on. 
  3. Accelerated market entry: With our expertise and guidance, you can expedite your market entry process. By leveraging our knowledge of commercialization strategies and market dynamics, you can navigate the complexities more efficiently, reducing time-to-market and gaining a competitive advantage over competitors.
  4. Targeted positioning and differentiation: We help you develop a tailored market strategy that ensures your technology, product, or service is positioned strategically and effectively differentiated from existing offerings. By identifying your target customer segments and understanding their needs, you can establish a strong market presence.
  5. Access to specialized expertise: Our team comprises professionals with diverse skills, including technology transfer, legal competences, and business development expertise. Through our broad network of external professionals, we can augment our team with specialized experts as needed. 
How to commercialize your product, idea, service?

We follow a four-stage process:


Defining the innovation


We focus on clearly defining the innovation, the problem it solves, and ensuring ownership of the idea is well-established to prevent future misunderstandings.


Defining strategy and business model

We work with you to define the business model, considering licensing options, startup potential, and strategic partnerships to determine the best approach.


Defining the market


Together, we define the target customer segments, determine the readiness of the technology for scaling, analyze the value chain, and establish a business development strategy.


Funding strategy


We assist in developing a funding strategy, identifying available grants, exploring partnerships for funding, and navigating regulatory and public policy considerations.

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