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Funding strategy

Funding strategy, EEA & Norway grants

What are the common challenges?

Launching a new, unproven technology, product or service often comes with the challenge of insufficient financial resources. It’s crucial to have enough funding to support the innovation’s market entry and survival. However, attracting investors can be difficult when the idea is still in its early stages, unproven, and lacks technological readiness. Expressing the value of the innovation at this point becomes a significant challenge.

How do we help?

Vinco specializes in creating tailored funding strategies that unlock immense growth opportunities for our clients. We guide you through every step of the funding journey, starting from discussing your vision and goals, exploring new funding approaches, and identifying potential funding sources both domestically in Norway and internationally within EU through EEA and Norway grants.

Here’s how we can assist your business:

  1. Expert guidance: With our deep understanding of the funding landscape, our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs to design the most effective funding strategy for your organization.
  2. Partnerships: We help you find suitable project partners. Our extensive network of professionals, both nationally and internationally, enables us to connect you with relevant experts who can enhance your innovation project.
  3. Project leadership and support: As your trusted partner, we can take on the role of project leader for your innovation funding project. Our expertise includes project leadership, technology transfer, and a strong knowledge of funding instruments available in Norway and Europe. We will provide the necessary support to ensure the success of your project.
Where to get funds for your innovation?
available public funding opportunities for innovation projects available for organizations based in Norway
Overview of the public funding in Norway (Author: Vinco Innovation)

Public funding  opportunities in Norway

Public funding opportunities in Norway cater to various innovation ideas. These opportunities are offered by institutions such as the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway, regional entities like counties and municipalities (through the Regional Research Funds), the SkatteFUNN scheme, and innovative procurement schemes.

The complexity and technical readiness level of the innovation ideas determine the suitable funding opportunity. For instance, EU Horizon 2020 and EEA and Norway grants focus on innovation with lower technical readiness, requiring comprehensive preparations and longer proposal writing time. These projects often involve R&D activities before market launch, which can take several years.

Alternatively, Innovative procurement and Innovation Norway establishment grants prioritize solutions with shorter time to market. These funding options aim to test and launch solutions within a year, offering a simpler and faster application process.

Who can get funding?

These named funding opportunities offer a variety of funding instruments for research-based innovation and knowledge-building. Both Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway offer instruments for industry, privately owned companies including small and medium enterprises.

Many of the named instruments encourage collaboration and partnerships on innovation projects.

Funding strategy, EEA & Norway grants

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