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Innovation Funnel and Process

We help you manage your innovation ideas.

Vinco Innovation funnel service

What are the common challenges?

Implementing effective innovation initiatives can encounter various challenges that hinder success. Organizations often face difficulties in building a structured innovation process. Without clear guidelines, it becomes challenging to navigate the innovation landscape and allocate resources efficiently. 

Encouraging employees to share their innovative ideas can also be a challenge, as issues such as a lack of trust, fear of judgment, or inadequate channels for idea submission can impede the flow of creative inputs

Furthermore, organizations may struggle with subjective and inconsistent evaluation and prioritization methods, which can result in valuable ideas being overlooked or not receiving sufficient attention. Finally, developing selected ideas into viable projects requires guidance and support. Without proper assistance, promising ideas may remain underdeveloped, resulting in missed opportunities.

What are the benefits?

  1. Streamlined innovation: Establishing a structured process enables efficient idea management from inception to implementation, ensuring a systematic approach.
  2. Enhanced employee engagement: Creating an environment that promotes idea sharing and transparent evaluation fosters trust and motivation, leading to a collaborative innovation culture.
  3. Higher quality innovations: Rigorous evaluation and prioritization of ideas result in higher-quality concepts with greater potential for market success and business growth.
  4. Improved resource allocation: Evaluating ideas based on predefined criteria allows effective allocation of resources to viable concepts, optimizing innovation investments and avoiding wasted resources.
Vinco Innovation funnel service
Vinco Innovation funnel service

How do we help you?

We specialize in defining a clear and effective process for managing innovation ideas, which forms a foundation for building a tailor-made innovation funnel for your company. Our aim is to help your company develop innovative ideas into profitable products and services through a structured and tailored approach:


  1. Clear process for managing innovation ideas: We understand the importance of having a well-defined process to capture, evaluate, and nurture innovative ideas within your organization. Our experts work closely with you to design a clear and streamlined process that aligns with your unique business goals and challenges. This process ensures that no valuable ideas are overlooked and provides a framework for effective idea management.
  2. Tailor-made innovation funnel: Once we have established a clear process for managing innovation ideas, we tailor-make an innovation funnel specifically for your company. This funnel acts as a systematic pathway that guides the transformation of ideas from their initial conception to profitable outcomes. It includes stages such as idea discovery, evaluation, prioritization, incubation, and ultimately, development into market-ready products or services, however, the applied stages depend on your company’s unique requirements.

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