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Meet Some of Our Members.

Barbara Salopek


Born and raised in Zagreb, CEO Barbara, a Master’s graduate from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, has vast experience behind her in innovation and commercialization, working as a team leader, business developer and board of director for various startups.

She has written numerous funding applications to bodies like Norway’s Research Council (Norsk Forskningsråd) & Innovation Norway, among others, and helped bring in more than 20 Million Kroners. Barbara has experience with leading many valuable projects. The five biggest projects she has enjoyed leading or was in the leading team, had a total value of cc. 30 million NOK. The two most recent significant projects are: one for Statens Vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration) and one for the City of Bergen.

She is a licensed technology transfer professional with advanced education in innovation management in a global business perspective from BI Oslo, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford. Barbara has held courses and workshops on innovation and business modeling and is often chosen to be a mentor for budding entrepreneurs. She has experience in project management, and her expertise lies in business development, specifically in designing strategy & integrating innovation while drawing up business plans. Barbara is a member of IAOIP- International Association of Innovation Professionals. Prince2 Practitioner certified.

Trond Walker


Trond has a unique combination of strategy and management experience, and enjoys using his skills to create value where technology and business intersect. He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, and during his career of over 20 years, has accumulated strong IT and strategy experience, working with companies ranging from start-ups to large, international organisations.

Trond always keeps an eye on the big picture, while knowing that the devil is in the details. He has successfully led a long list of challenging projects, including large international deliveries.

Whether improving existing processes or developing groundbreaking technology, he focuses on innovation and value creation for the business or product. By combining broad experience with creative thinking, he designs holistic plans that are viable and realistic.

Trond enjoys working with others and understands the value of different viewpoints. As a leader he believes in making decisions based on merits, and always encourages others to give their best.

Solène Feron


Solène holds a Master in Economics and Business Administration from both Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen and Louvain School of Management in Belgium. This  competitive Double Degree offered her the opportunity to pursue two specializations in Innovation Management and in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment. 

She has a keen interest in how innovations can support sustainable businesses. Early during her studies, she joined as an intern the team of Greenzy, a start-up committed to develop indoor composters. A master’s thesis focusing on the techno-economic challenges related to microalgae-based generation of biomass as an alternative to fossil
fuels also reflects her dedication to innovation and sustainable development. 

About her experience in project management, she did an internship in a freight and multimodal operation department in the Luxembourg railway company. Her 4-years involvement as a head and staff member of scout sections in Belgium also led her to develop leadership and management skills. In addition, she has several years of strong engagements in student organizations in Belgium related to zero-waste and here in
Bergen, she is a member of NHHS-Energi and Head of Information of NHHS-Foto.
She has a great passion for innovation and social responsibility and is eager to contribute to team success through excellent organizational skills, attention to details and natural enthusiasm.

Hans Petter Farstad


Hans Petter seeks to bridge the gap between sustainable and profitable business models by combining an understanding of various technological innovations with business and administrative knowledge and an ethical mindset. Through his master’s degree in innovation and management from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Hans Petter has gained extensive knowledge about innovation, business development, management strategy and corporate social responsibility.

Hans Petter has hands-on experience with business development and early-stage start-ups through various internships during his studies. This has given him valuable insights into the pain points that smaller companies can experience and how to best manage them. Hans Petter also has experience from larger companies through his internship at Equinor. Those two experiences combined has given him a better understanding of both structural and cultural differences in organizations of different sizes and how to approach them when it comes to innovation.


Benedicte Onarheim


To break the prejudices about our own creativity and to unleash creativity and ignite innovation process, we use psychodrama elements to diminish the pressure of “thinking outside the box” on groups and individuals. We have teamed up with an experienced expert in psychodrama, Benedicte A. Onarheim. Benedicte is a certified Psychodrama Director with 10-years of hands-on experience specializing in working with teams and individuals using psychodrama techniques.

Benedicte has educational background as a nurse. She has impressive leadership experiences behind her in the health sector. Benedicte is a health care professional and leader and has served in many leadership positions ranging from hospital department head to national institute director of a Norwegian health and activities center in Spain. She held positions as Institute Director of Domkirkehjemmet (Cathedral Nursing Home) and Margit Tanners Minne (Assisted living Home), as well as the Head of section of total caregiving services (including primary care and home delivered services) for both the Fusa municipality, and the Arna district in Bergen, Norway.

She was always eager to learn and improve her theoretical background. Benedicte has additional education and experience in health economics from the University of Bergen, knowledge-based practice from Bergen University College, and organizational leadership and development from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The interesting background and strong leadership experience makes Benedicte a valuable member of our innovation expert team.

External experts


Adekola Oyenuga


Oslo, Norway

Adekola holds a Master of Science in economics and business administration from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Adekola is specialized in providing strategic advice and management support services to the global oil, gas, electric power, shipping and maritime industries and is highly experienced from the oil and gas and marine industry. Adekola has provided strategic advice to the UN Global Compact and to the African Shipowners Association.

He has also worked for organizations including McKinsey, DNVGL and as an external consultant to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Adekola has been a visiting researcher with the Management Science and Operations Department and the Energy Markets Group (EMG) of the London Business School. Due to his many connections in the industry, Adekola is a valuable resource.

He is currently responsible for organizing the Africa @ Nor-shipping 2019 conference during the Nor-shipping week in June 2019. Adekola is located in Oslo and has an excellent knowledge of the shipping industry networks in the Oslo area and beyond.



Vedrana Tonković


Zagreb, Croatia

Vedrana Tonković is our external expert from Croatia where she works as a freelance consultant with expertise in Customer insight. During her career with international companies, she managed numerous customers experience projects and developed high standards for project delivery and problem-solving.

Vedrana is an economics graduate from University of Zagreb. She started of in a customer relationship management role and spent 10 years in the Telecom industry. She continued her career in highly demanding Insurance industry for the next 7 years and advanced to the position of Head of Market management division where she spent last 3,5 years. Through the course of her career, Vedrana has successfully contributed in developing company culture to support the transformation towards innovation and customer centricity.

As an expert in business strategy, marketing communication, company culture and customer experience, Vedrana can add unique value to any organization.

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