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About Vinco

We are an international Norway-based  hub for sustainable innovation.

We are a team of innovation and sustainability experts dedicated to helping organizations and initiatives to transform and achieve their sustainable growth ambitions. Our agile team consists of diverse individuals with extensive experience in creating sustainable innovation across the entire innovation ecosystem. With a multinational team, our international perspective provides unique insights to solve complex challenges.


We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that help organizations and initiatives to achieve growth ambitions and transformation while creating a more sustainable future.

Vinco team

Why us?

We make organizations and initiatives succeed in their innovation projects by offering expertise in every dimension of innovation. Our team’s proficiency both in innovation and sustainability enables us to provide a holistic innovation process tailored to each organization’s unique needs. We prioritize building strong relationships with our collaborators to ensure that we deliver personalized solutions that are designed to drive long-term growth for the for both privately and publicly funded projects. This approach allows us to effectively support a diverse range of initiatives, fostering advancement and success in various sectors.

“There are few firms that can match Vinco’s expertise in working at the heart of innovation.”   – Torbjørn Haaland

We take pride in our ability to unlock the full potential of various innovation projects, whether it involves navigating an innovation funnel process to bring new ideas to market, or creating a sustainable innovation strategy for enduring growth. We work closely with our collaborators to gain a deep understanding of their vision and objectives. We collaborate at every step to ensure the realization of the desired outcomes.

Vinco Innovation team
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Our mission at Vinco Innovation is to empower our projects and collaborators to achieve their transformation and growth ambitions while creating a more sustainable future.

We do this by leveraging our experience and expertise in innovation, sustainability, and project management to design tailored solutions that unlock the full potential of every project.

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Our vision is to become a leading and highly reputable player in sustainable innovation in Europe.

We aim to be recognized as a high-quality provider of innovative and sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on society and environment.

Our goal is to continue to expand our expertise and capabilities, while remaining committed to our core values.

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We are guided by a set of core values that underpin everything we do:

  1. Client Success
  2. Diversity
  3. Reliability
  4. Competence
  5. Integrity

Need help to innovate successfully?

Contact us to plan our first meeting!

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We help you shape a resilient organization

to drive sustainable growth.

Contact Information

Bryggen 3-5,
5003 Bergen, Norway

+47 98411334