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Guest lectures
and talks

We deliver up to date lectures & workshops about innovation

Are you interested in hiring a guest speaker for your event, conference or corporate event? Or do you want to be inspired and learn about innovation through a workshop? You want your company to grow but you are stuck in the process? Your employees need motivation and understanding of the innovation process?


Lectures and Talks done by Barbara Salopek cost something between NOK 23.000-32.000, while workshops begin from NOK 25.000, both depending on the scope and travel expenses.

For more info, please contact us at

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TEDxBergen: “How to open closed doors?
Organizations and Innovation”

NHH Norwegian School of Economics / Norges Handelshøyskole , Bergen, Norway, October 2019
The TEDx Bergen talk about obstacles and barriers to innovation was delivered to more than 400 people. Making innovation work can feel sometimes like you find yourself locked-in in a room and you do not know how to get out.

Panic can kick in fast as you do not have much time (exponential technological advancements are chasing you), and being severely under pressure, it is even harder to find solutions. Successful implementation of Innovation embraces taking care of innovation on three organizational levels (individual, group and organizational) because all three levels have their unique challenges…

Workshop on Investment Readiness of Innovation Projects in South East Europe

For European Commission, Zagreb, Croatia, July 2018

Barbara has been also presenting on European Commission events. She was a part of a panel discussion and hold a sort speech on Innovation. Her speech revolved around innovation processes implementation and its connection to successful innovation.

Main premise that was communicated was that the innovation process itself is not a guarantee for successful innovation. There are other important elements that are crucial and can affect the outcome of a successful innovation.

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Our Speaker

Our CEO, Barbara Salopek, is often invited to be a guest speaker on different events including conferences and company events.

Barbara is often invited to:

  • Hold a lecture (English, Norwegian)
  • Be a keynote speaker (English)
  • Be a member of panel discussions / round table (Norwegian, English)
  • Hold a Workshop, on both large and small events (Norwegian, English)

Barbara is also a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School where she teaches different subject within project leadership and innovation topics. 

Employee Engagement & Retention: “Challenges from my Norwegian perspective”

Human Resources Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 2018

In front of the more than 400 most prominent business leaders of Croatia Barbara was a keynote speaker and shared her thoughts about employee retention. She spoke about her desire to move abroad and what companies can do to encourage employees to come back.

Workshop Barbara Salopek

Want us to share our knowledge?

We also deliver up to date relevant lectures and workshops about innovation.
Are you interested in hiring a guest speaker for your event, conference, or corporate event? Or do you want to be inspired and learn about innovation through a workshop?

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“Innovation elements for successful innovation”

LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, Progress) Summit, Zagreb Croatia, 2018

30 minutes short speech delivered to the more than 1000 students from all over Central and Eastern Europe about elements of successful innovation.

Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship: “Making innovation happen – the important ingredients”

Zagreb, Croatia, 2017

Barbara delivered a short speech to more than 400 prominent business leaders of Croatia on how culture plays an important role for innovation in Norwegian companies. Barbaraalso held a workshop session on the Forget-Borrow-Learn concept, a strategic approach within companies to increase innovation success.

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Webinars and workshops,
panel discussions, jury

We have held different workshops at different venues including NHH Norwegian School of Economics / Norges Handelshøyskole. We provide a custom-tailored workshop where we gather experts that best suit your needs.

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– how we do it?

Barbara has a passion to share her experiences and when delivering speeches, she aims to inspire and to teach combining it with stories from real life and experiences. 


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Barbara’s thoughts have also been published in public media, newspapers and in scientific journal. 

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