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Statens vegvesen

Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian public roads administration) is a Norwegian administrative body for transport. Their responsibilities include, among other things, planning, building and managing the road network, training for roadside workers, inspection of cars, driving licenses and road safety.

R&D and innovation in winter operation

Project leader: Barbara Salopek

Time frame: September 2019 to July 2020


There are approximately 100,000 km of motorways in Norway. Sometimes long and cold winters with ice, snow and continuously changing weather, which is also affected by global warming. This presents major and expensive challenges that SVV is aware of and they want to focus more on innovation and winter operation. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration wanted to increase its focus on R&D within innovation in winter operation and become one of the leading countries in winter operations and maintenance.

Statens vegvesen innovation
Innovation in transport. Innovaiton in winter maintenance of roads.

Our role

As project manager and innovation experts, we were commissioned by SVV to obtain data on how innovation in various winter countries and industries takes place. Our goal was to help strengthen SVV in their work with winter operation & maintenance of Norwegian roads and deliver a final report summarizing findings.

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Impact we created

Through its knowledge and expertise, Vinco Innovation has given SVV insight into existing winter operation and industries from various countries, passed on innovation opportunities that contribute to increasing the innovation potential for winter operation/maintenance of Norwegian roads.

Methods used

  • Exploration and secondary data collection/document studies
  • In-depth interviews with the most important actors in Norway and abroad on both issues


Two final reports with analyzes and recommendations, as well as discussion of the issues, were carried out during the project.

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What we delivered

In order to help the Norwegian Road Administration increase its knowledge in innovation and winter operation, we carried out this two-part assignment:

  1. Mapping and gathering knowledge about how R&D and innovation in winter operations are taken care of in other winter countries and other relevant industries. The purpose was to gather knowledge about how R&D and innovation in winter operations is taken care of in the form of organisation, financing, contract forms and communication in other winter countries and to come up with a recommendation for how the Norwegian Road Administration should take care of R&D and innovation in the future.
  2. Mapping what is available of winter operation knowledge in Norway and answering the question “How to create a strong R&D environment in Norway within innovation in winter operation?”.
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