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Funding strategy:
how and where? 

Funding strategy, EEA & Norway grants

We can help you to get funding or finding a partner.

We are experienced in creating successful funding strategies that have unlocked huge growth opportunities for our clients.

We will help you right from discussing your vision and goals through exploring new approaches and funding possibilities, nationally (Norway) and internationally (EU, EEA grants).

We help you in finding project partners, writing applications and even leading the projects throughout the funding process.

Where to get funds for
your innovation?

One of the biggest challenges when launching a new, unproven technology or service, is having enough financial resources. Financial resources should be enough to allow the innovation to survive the market entry. However, to get an investor it is difficult when the idea is still very young, unproven and its technological readiness is low because at the early stage it is very difficult to express the value of it.

The best solution to look for the financial resources, to boost the innovative ideas in their early stage, are public funding schemes such as (in Norway) Norwegian Research Council or Innovating Norway, or on international, European level: EEA and Norway GrantsHorizon 2020 and EU grants.

Our strengts lie in norwegian national funds but moreover in EEA & Norway grants

Where to get funds for your innovation?

Who can get funds for innovation ideas?

These named funding opportunities offer a variety of funding instruments for research-based innovation and knowledge-building.

Both Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway offer instruments for industry, privately owned companies including small and medium enterprises.

In addition, there are regional opportunities through counties and municipalities, i.e. through the Regional Research Funds (Regional Forskningsfond). Finally, there are the SkatteFUNN scheme and innovative procurement schemes.

Many of the named instruments encourage collaboration and partnerships on innovation projects. The named opportunities here are for Norwegian entities.

Funding calls open for international cooperation and partnerships are EEA and Norway grants, Horizon 2020, EU grants.

We proud to share that we are  partner in several projects funded by EEA and Norway grants.

Need help to innovate successfully?

We work with you to help you build environment that encourages innovation.

Feel free to make a contact with us in order to discuss your innovation  challenges and how to approach them.

available public funding opportunities for innovation projects available for organizations based in Norway
           Overview of the public funding in Norway, author: Vinco Innovation

Overview of the public funding  opportunities in Norway. 

We have mapped available funding opportunities regarding their complexity and technical readiness level of the innovation.

EU Horizon 2020 and EEA and Norway grants are regarded as complex applications which require longer preparations, sometimes it takes several months of efforts and dedication to write a proposal. They are innovation funds that in general focus on innovation which has lower technical readiness. In other words, the technologies are further away from the market launch, time to market can be several years  and they are including and requiring R&D activities prior the market launch.

Innovative procurement and Innovation Norway establishment grant on the other hand is usually focused on solutions that aim to have shorter time to market. It is usually within one year that the solutions should be tested and launched and application process is a little simpler and faster.

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Our role and skills

Roles we can have in the project: project leader for the whole

  • innovation funding project
  • consultants on the funding scheme
  • suitable partner search

Skills needed and we provide for this type of projects: project leadership, technology transfer (RTTP, ASTP), competences in funding instruments available in Norway and in Europe.

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Network of professionals

We have a good network of external professionals nationally and internationally. This enables us to  connect you fast with potential relevant and suitable partners. Also,  we can easily add them to the team in order to secure the best experts for your innovation project.

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