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Unlock your organization’s innovation potential

Vinco – Vindi – test it

At Vinco, we believe that every company has great innovation potential. That’s why we are excited to offer you to test our Vindi© Innovation Indicator now free of charge. 

With a foundation in scientific research, Vindi© conducts an evaluation of your company’s innovation culture, pinpointing gaps by analyzing your current innovation ambiance and desired future state.

Measure your company’s innovation culture now for free.

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Vindi© in a nutshell:

A digital questionnaire that can be conducted on one or several organizational levels.

A report summarizing the results for your organization.*

First step in preparing your tailor-made innovation strategy.*

Unless innovation is implemented successfully, its intended benefits will not be realized.

Why Vindi©?

Vindi© is based on relevant scientific business and innovation theories, making it a reliable and effective tool to assess your company’s innovation ability and ambitions.


Vindi© detects underlying cultural challenges that may constrain successful innovation implementation. Unless innovation is implemented successfully, its intended benefits will not be realized.

Start your innovation journey with Vindi©

Are you ready to improve your organization’s innovation efforts? Vindi© is the starting point.


The Vindi© digital survey is now available for free for your company.


Our Innovation Indicator serves also as an ideal starting point for organizations seeking to achieve their full innovation potential. Vinco provides you the whole service: from assessment of the current innovation state with Vindi© to creating a holistic innovation strategy and finally, implementing it together with training across the organization.

Vinco – Vindi – test it

*The free offer contains only the Vindi digital survey. A comprehensive report and any additional services, such as innovation strategy are paid services. 

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