Innovation Indicator

Everyone agrees that innovation is what makes a business sustainable. However, successful innovation is not a straightforward process.

Organizational culture is what is at the core of the innovation. Attitudes and behavior are norms in an organization, and they influence also organizational innovation culture.

We have developed an Innovation Indicator: Vindi© in order to understand these underlaying cultural challenges when implementing innovation.

Innovation Indicator Vindi© is a digital tool that measures innovation atmosphere in an organization.

Vindi Innovation Indicator

Why Vindi©?

The indicator uses a composite of a selected set of questions to measure behavior that is closely connected to diversity, networking, observing, questioning and experimenting practices and attitudes. Vinco Innovation Indicator tool Vindi©:

Vindi Helps to identify

Helps to identify innovation gaps for your organization by mapping where you are now and where you want to be

Vindi provides understanding

Provides understanding of a company’s innovation aptitude and company’s innovation ambitions

Vindi Tailor made

Assists in preparing a tailor-made innovation strategy

You want to improve your origination’s innovation efforts?

Do you know that even with the best innovation process, not many innovations will come out? Without supportive organizational culture and context, it is much harder to succeed with innovation. In addition, up to 40 percent of CEOs believe that existing organizational culture is the biggest constraint to innovation.

Innovative business culture embraces psychologically safe environments where experimentation, questioning, and failures become part of the company’s DNA.

Our digital tool Vindi© enables us to measure certain behaviors critical to successful innovation culture.

We hold that these five elements are integral elements of successful innovative organizations and their cultures:

– Diversity
– Networking
– Observing
– Questioning
– Experimenting

Innovation activities involve efforts in observing, questioning, and experimenting through diversity and networking. When we innovate, we seek to generate new knowledge through questioning the existing knowledge. Diversity and networking with people different then us help us compile plethora of distinctive ideas for potential solution. We experiment to test our hypothesis and solutions in order to find the perfect answer to the problem we are solving.

Vindi© is specifically tailor-made to measure these innovation elements in any organization. The indicator uses a composite of a selected set of questions to measure behavior that is closely connected to diversity, networking, observing, questioning and experimenting practices and attitudes.


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You want to test your organization’s innovation readiness?

More background
info about Vindi©

In the world of high global competition, technological growth, and empowered customers, innovation has become a key to a company’s long-lasting sustainable development. It is central in building and deploying accelerated change in today’s global business environment. According to the study conducted my McKinsey, 84% of leaders agree that innovation is critical for their businesses. However, only 6% report that are satisfied with the innovation processes and results.

Unless an innovation is implemented successfully, its intended benefits will not be realized. Many believe that it is enough to have a solid innovation process in place, while forgetting the strong impacts of business culture on a company’s rituals. Business culture is deeply rooted in an organization. Successful implementation of innovation requires that the company accepts and uses the new practice on all levels. Leadership is critical in altering and leading the change.
To understand better what to change and how to act at any company that wants to ignite innovation implementation, we created a tool that helps us understand and tests the organization’s present innovation aptitude and its future goals. The tool enables us to measure certain behaviors critical to successful innovation culture.

Through a comprehensive research of the business and innovation scientific literature we have researched about the successful innovation and what are the characteristics of successful innovators. We have identified key success factors that form the basis for outstanding innovation results.

The Vindi© indicator is a starting point in diagnosing the company’s innovation readiness. Backed by scientific research and best practices, the tool includes hand-picked questions that encourage participants to reflect on the prevailing conditions around innovation as well as to tap into their ambitions for future state. Vindi© helps identify gaps and hence contribute in preparing a tailor-made innovation strategy that will enable greater rate of implementation success.

Our approach for successful innovation is holistic: it takes the whole organization, from individuals and groups, organization and its middle and top management to dedicate its efforts and focus on innovation implementation.

Being innovative is a capability that a company need to master on the three levels: individual, group and organizational. Innovation it is not an end in itself. Many focus on measuring innovation through the innovative output like new products and new solutions.

Being innovative is a way of working in order to generate new products, services, technologies, processes in order to stay competitive on the market in the long run. So, in order to reach good statistics on the innovative output the whole organization needs to act in the same direction.

Today it is not enough to have an excellent R&D department which will deliver a finished and polished end-product to the marketing department, which will then create advertisements. In order to succeed in the long run all departments need to work together throughout the whole creative process, from initiation until the post-sales. They need to work together and their initial, starting point should be the customer itself; which pain the customer has that the company is solving.

Innovation Indicator Vindi© is a digital questionnaire and analytical tool that is created by Vinco Innovation AS ( Vinco Innovation AS is the author and holds all copyrights. Vindi© is based on the relevant scientific business & innovation theories. We have been using the core elements of this framework for several years now and we have now made Vindi© digitalized and ready for wider use.