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KDM Dariusz Mazur


 KDM Dariusz Mazur is a Polish company from the SME sector, which specialize in works in the field of geotechnics, hydrotechnics and deep foundations

KDM Dariusz Mazur

Implementation of innovative technology driving medium- and large-diameter in the area of water marine and inland waterways

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About the project

The project concerns the technology of driving medium and large diameter pipes. The technology allows driving pipes in difficult situations, i.e. when there is no support point, which is typical for an offshore environment or with no driveway, and using pipes of thinner walls. The stage of our partner’s work are very advanced and the technology itself has already been submitted for a patent.

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Outcomes of the project

  • Creating and establishing  innovative bilateral cooperation
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The project will be implemented from Spring 2023 until Spring 2024.

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Project consortium

Project Promotor:

  • KDM Dariusz Mazur


  • Vinco Innovation AS

Project funded by

Business Development and Innovation” Programme

Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021.

Norway Grants and PARP

Targeted Sustainable Development Goals


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