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CCS 4 Krakow

Gaining insights and expertise from Norway on CCS and CCU solutions for the waste incineration plant in Krakow


Krakow Communal Holding (KHK), the sole shareholder company of the city of Krakow, acknowledges the significance of drawing inspiration from Norway’s pioneering efforts in waste management and CCUS technologies. By learning from Norwegian best practices, experiences, and challenges, Krakow aims to advance its own sustainability initiatives. In pursuit of this knowledge, a collaborative partnership was established, with Vinco Innovation as the project leader, alongside KHK and CO2 Management as partners.


The aim is to explore ways to capture, transport and sequester CO2 emissions from the Thermal Waste Treatment Plant efficiently, thereby minimizing the plant’s environmental impact. By leveraging the expertise of Vinco Innovation and CO2 Management, Krakow Communal Holding strives to enhance the plant’s operational practices, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and foster a cleaner and more sustainable future.


If you’re curious to learn more, we invite you to explore the results of the project through our detailed blog post. Gain insights into our process, discoveries, and the impact of our work by clicking here.


Additionally, you can find more information in general on the project website here.


Innovation for teachers and pupils

The Eco-incinerator – A green factory for Krakow

The Eco-Incinerator in Krakow addresses the city’s ecological and energy needs by efficiently processing 220 thousand tons of municipal waste annually. This state-of-the-art facility not only disposes of waste responsibly but also recovers energy from it, producing approximately 65,000 MWh of electricity and 280,000 MWh of heat each year. This sustainable thermal recycling approach aligns with European best practices, emphasizing the environmental benefits of converting waste into renewable energy, making it a vital component of Krakow’s waste management system.

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  • Ensure the efficient management of project implementation in terms of strategy, operations, finance, and quality. 
  • Explore potential technical solutions, especially carbon capture and storage (CCS), to substantially reduce CO2 emissions from the Krakow waste incineration plant.
  • Gather insights on legal, economic, environmental, and organizational issues and challenges connected to CCS solutions at the plant.
  • Prepare initial version of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting for the plant.
  • Visits in Bergen and in Krakow where stakeholders from both countries can share experiences,  and discuss opportunities for future collaborations.

Our role

As project leader it is our role to ensure the efficient management of the project.


We will also leverage our expertise within sustainability strategy and reporting to set the groundwork for the first ESG report.


Additionally, by combining these services with our innovation knowledge, we create a holistic approach to address legal, economic, environmental, and organizational challenges and assist in exploring new solutions, such as carbon capture and green hydrogen generation, essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a sustainable energy landscape.

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Project consortium

Project Leader:

Vinco Innovation AS




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The project is implemented from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024.

Project funded by

EEA and Norway Grants 

Program: The Green Transformation

Financing: The project is funded by the Bilateral Cooperation Fund (FWD) financed by the Norwegian and EEA funds.

Total value of the project: EUR 250.000

More information about the program: here  

Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Rgionalnej

Targeted Sustainable Development Goals


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