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VINDI© Innovation Indicator


Organizational culture plays a significant role in shaping organizational attitudes, behaviors, and innovation capabilities. A favorable organizational culture is critical for an innovation strategy to sustain. While all leaders agree that innovation is crucial for future success and growth, only a few are satisfied with their innovation results.

That’s why we developed Vindi© Innovation Indicator – a digital tool that measures the innovation ambiance within your organization. Vindi© helps to identify innovation gaps by mapping your current innovation atmosphere and your desired future state. 

We have developed an Innovation Indicator: Vindi© to detect underlaying cultural challenges that may inhibit successful innovation implementation.

Why Vindi©?

Vindi© is based on relevant scientific business and innovation theories, making it a reliable and effective tool to assess your company’s innovation ability and ambitions. The indicator provides a comprehensive assessment of the five essential elements of innovation culture: questioning, diversity, networking, experimenting, and observing.

 Vindi© detects underlying cultural challenges that may constrain successful innovation implementation. Unless innovation is implemented successfully, its intended benefits will not be realized.

Our Innovation Indicator is also a perfect way to start an innovation improvement project for an organization. Vinco provides you the whole process: from assessment of the current innovation state with Vindi© to creating a holistic innovation strategy and finally, implementing it together with training across the organization.

Vindi© Innovation Indicator:

Helps to identify innovation gaps by mapping your innovation ambiance today and where you want to be in the future.

Provides understanding of your company’s innovation ability, as well as innovation ambitions.

Crucial in preparing your tailor-made innovation strategy.

Unless innovation is implemented successfully, its intended benefits will not be realized.

Our approach is holistic.

At Vinco Innovation, we understand that successful innovation requires a holistic approach. Innovation is not just about new products or solutions; it’s a way of working that involves the whole organization – from individuals and groups to the entire company. Vindi© measures behaviors and attitudes integral to successful innovation, helping you to create a psychologically safe environment that encourages experimentation, questioning, and failure.

Start your innovation journey with Vindi©

Are you ready to improve your organization’s innovation efforts? Vindi© is the starting point in diagnosing your company’s innovation readiness. Backed by scientific research and best practices, our tool provides a comprehensive assessment of your company’s innovation culture, identifying gaps and contributing to a tailor-made innovation strategy that will enable a greater rate of innovation success.


Don’t let cultural challenges constrain your innovation success – start your innovation journey with Vindi© Innovation Indicator today.


Vindi© Innovation Indicator is a digital questionnaire and analytical tool that is created by Vinco Innovation AS ( Vinco Innovation AS is the author and holds all copyrights. We have been using the core elements of this framework for several years now and we have now made Vindi© digitalized and ready for wider use.

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