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RAMBØLL, Department for technical solutions

Rambøll is a global social advisor within Construction & architecture, Transport & urban development, Energy, Water, Environment and Management consulting. They have 1,600 employees spread over 15 offices, they have enormous potential for innovation and innovative processes. In this delivery, we acted as innovation facilitators for the department and the team. We worked directly with the management so that they can spread innovation within the teams in the technical solutions department.

Vindi Innovation indicator© helped Rambøll map and detect innovation gaps so they can understand next steps. 

Project leader: Barbara Salopek

Time frame: Spring 2021


Innovation is a must for Rambøll and their industry is undergoing major continuous changes with a focus on sustainability and digitalization. To be prepared and innovative, they need our expertise to map and improve their innovation capabilities.


Our role

As project manager and innovation experts, we were commissioned by Rambøll to be a facilitator of innovation for the team and the department. We contributed with workshops, teaching using our own innovation tool Vindi Innovation Indicator© to measure the company’s level of innovation. We worked with a team of managers to strengthen their innovation capabilities. This helped managers to facilitate innovation by using and sharing the knowledge in their various teams.

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Impact we created

The most important thing we delivered in this project was increased understanding in the team about how they, as construction consultants, can innovate. By mapping and measuring innovation gaps and behaviour, we have helped limit/eliminate causes that can hinder the company’s innovation success. We have helped to strengthen the management’s ability to innovate as well as established a common understanding of how they can innovate and influence the innovation process and what behavior is required to succeed. It was central to us to strengthen the managers’ innovation capacity and thus also the department’s innovation capacity.

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What we delivered

By holding digital workshops, physical lectures and surveys around the department’s “innovation attitude”, we were able to shine a spotlight on developing the innovation capacity in the department.

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Targeted Sustainable Development Goals


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